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08 — Dark mode w/Jay Oram

Jay Oram is an email coder and interactive email specialist at ActionRocket. He spends his time working on interactive email, and also creating modular templates for a variety of ESPs and Email tools. He’s also a certified Salesforce Marketing Email specialist, an expert in making email design systems for Taxi for Email and is one of our resident email geeks. In this episode, we’re talking about Dark Mode - what is it? How does it work? And what do email marketers need to do about it?

07 — Accessibility and Typography in Email w/ Paul Airy

Paul Airy is an Email Accessibility Consultant who has done a lot of work around typography in email, and also accessibility and inclusive design in email. In this episode we're talking about how all three of those things are interlinked, and also why it's important to consider these things in your marketing work.

06 — Privacy Round Table w/ Dylan Smith, Jacques Corby-Tuech & Jay Oram

In this episode of EmailTalk we’re hosting a privacy round table with Dylan Smith, Jacques Corby-Tuech and Jay Oram. The relationship that email has with privacy is changing - partly fuelled by things like the GDPR, but also because the public has never been more aware of privacy issues, thanks to things like social media scandals and high profile data leaks.

05 — Making Awesome Email Design Systems w/ Crystal Ledesma

Crystal Ledesma is the Manager of the Email Design System at Zillow, which is a real estate marketplace based in the states. She’s done a lot of work getting the email design system off the ground at Zillow, so in this episode we’re talking about how she’s managed to do that and what challenges there were along the way.

04 — Making Email at News Organisations w/ Dan Oshinsky

I first met Dan Oshinsky in 2013 when we were both talking at the first Litmus Live. At that point he’d been helping Buzzfeed get email marketing off the ground. These days he runs Inbox Collective, an email consultancy, and he also publishes a great non-email called Not a newsletter. In this episode, we covered a lot of ground, but one key thing we talked about is how email in the editorial and news space is the same, but kinda different.

03 — Proving the Value of Email w/Gavin Laugenie

Gavin Laugenie is the Head of Strategy and Insight at dotdigital. He’s on the product side, but he spends a lot of time working with brands to get the best value out of their tech. In this episode we had a great chat about doing better email marketing, and also how Gavin helps people on brand side prove the value of email.

02 — The Impact of Coronavirus on Email Marketing w/Chad White

Chad White is the Head of Research at Oracle Customer Experience Marketing Consulting, and he’s been writing lots recently about Coronavirus and the impact of that on the email ecosystem. In this conversation Chad shared some gems - from what he’s seeing right now, to lots of ideas on what might happen next.

01 — Emotional Intelligence in Email Marketing w/ Kait Creamer

Kait Creamer is the CRM Marketing Manager at Framer, which is a prototyping tool for web designers and developers. Kait’s done a lot of work talking about emotional intelligence in email - she keynoted all three litmus lives last year . In this episode we’re talking about why it’s important to actually think about the audience, rather than just what we need as marketers.

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